Count Them All

Brent Smith - Wednesday, October 12, 2016

As days continue move on my mind keeps returning to September 25, 2016 when J.J. weeks shared about the story of how he was led to the song “Count Them All”. This led me to research the hymn “Count Your Blessings” and what an amazing story about Johnson Oatman, Jr. who was led by God to write music that would minister to so many people. “He born April 21, 1856, was a citizen of Lumberton, N.J. His dad was a local merchant and just happened to be the best singer in town, with a rich, powerful voice. Young Johnson could not sing as well as his father, yet he grew up wanting to make some musical contributions of his own. However, for a time he worked in the family business, but soon gave up those opportunities and began to study for the ministry. After finishing school and ministering in the Methodist Episcopal churches for a time, Johnson continued to hope that life surely held some other plans for him. At 36, he realized that he did, without question, have a musical talent after all. He could write songs for other Christians to sing. So, every year some 200 songs flowed from his pen. He eventually had written 5,000 songs and was happy that in his musical compositions he had found a way to preach the gospel through his music.”

When the storms of life blow remember to count your blessing because they will by far outnumber the trials and troubles we walk through. As we count our blessing remember what God has done, it’s truly a gift we don’t deserve. We must never forget that as we count them one by one, your heart will overflow and truly be a blessing to someone else like Mr. Oatman. Never let fear or doubt keep you from giving thanks to the ones that are great and even the ones that are small. As this takes place there is a real power that’s unleashed and through His Spirit you will gain strength to stand up through the storms of this life. My prayer today is that you might think to whisper a praise of blessing unto Jesus, that joy and peace might flood your heart! I am encouraged and feel blessed that our Church was a part of unitenow16 event that people were saved and changed forever, including mine. Thank you Lord for the blessings that I don’t deserved only because you have redeemed a sinner like me! The Lord still has a plan and desires for Glen Hope Baptist to a blessing in this community, nation, and the world.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Brent

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